Welcome to the China Rose Blog

Good morning to everyone. For my first blog I’d like to introduce ourselves. China Rose Antiques was started by my wife Jenny and myself way back in 1992. We offer a wide and interesting range of quality antiques, with emphasis on the word quality. Well designed and well made items generally last longer and retain peoples interest for longer. And the longer pieces last and are used and treasured, the more environmentally friendly they become. We love antique Australian furniture, especially Australian cedar, and we always have several pieces on hand, as well as pieces in Huon Pine and Blackwood. For instance, this cedar 8 drawer chest has plenty of capacity and is lovely to look at. It is approximately 160 years old, fully restored, and, if loved and looked after, will still be around in the 22nd century.

A good investment in the future.

Australian cedar chest of drawers

Australian cedar chest of drawers